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Is Aquamanga com Down? Answer to Every WHY

Is Aquamanga com Down? No! We are finally back again after 5 months of downtime. You can now access the latest manga series or comics without …

The platform for free online collections of manga, manhwa, and manhua comics, Aquamanga, was down for some time. The website faced a major hiccup that caused a downtime of around five months. This made avid Aquamanga readers wonder, “Is Aquamanga com down?”

This article shares everything about the reasons behind the Aquamanga’s downtime, current status, and future plans. So, let’s get started.

Is Aquamanga com Down?

No! Aquamanga is no longer down; the website is finally available after 5 months. Readers can now access the latest manga series or comics without encountering loading, accessing, or opening issues. 

After reading “Is Aquamanga com down,” you might be wondering about the reasons behind the five-month blackout. 

Why was Aquamanga.com Down?

We have always tried to provide superior services to our website visitors so they can enjoy their favorite manga collections without hassle. Our team always tried to overcome all the backend issues without causing the front-end interruptions. However, months back, multiple issues popped up all at once, taking things beyond our control. Some of them include:

Advertisement Was Taken Down 

Advertisement was the sole source of our earnings from the website. Its suspension led to the unavailability of Aquamanga. The absence of advertisement-based earnings impacted the website’s financial sustainability, resulting in unscheduled downtime. 

Finding alternative options for smooth income generation was necessary before making it live again, as we were offering everything for free. However, there are a lot of maintenance costs that are impossible to manage without the availability of earnings from advertisements.  

DDoS Attack 

DDoS attacks also came in the way of Aquamanga. The website got flooded with huge traffic from multiple sources. This flood of requests saturated the server’s capacity, making it unresponsive to even legitimate user requests, disrupting services temporarily.


After fighting the DDoS attack, recovery was mandatory. But, due to a lack of funds and extensive maintenance requirements, we decided to take a break. It was not easy for us. We know how much you all love our content. But, it was the need of time. 

During these five months, we scheduled multiple maintenance updates, incorporated security patches, and added new features that you’ll experience while browning it.  

How to Ensure the Availability of Aquamanga?

Aquamanga faced advertisement suspension, which means there’s no revenue from ads. This is causing some financial issues and might impact our operations in the coming days or months. So, to ensure your favorite manga reading website always remains available for manga lovers, we need your support. 

Donate some money to the website, as it’ll ensure its smooth operation. As a result, you can get rid of searching “Is Aquamanga com down?” and access unlimited manga comics with genres ranging from fantasy to comic and comedy. 


Now, the website is online again after five long months and ready to serve the audience. But the advertisement suspension has made a huge impact on our finances. So, to ensure the website stays functional and provides you with more manga collections, donate some funds to Aquamanga!

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Is Aquamanga com Down