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At JAYVAR, we believe that everyone deserves a better life. So our goal is to serve everyone by offering a range of affordable kitchen gadgets that are both stylish and functional. The tableware series products produced now have won the recognition and trust of new and old customers with their unique technology, excellent quality . In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of excellent quality.

JAYVAR Useful Kitchen Gadget

Onion Holder for SlicingOnion Holder for Slicing

Onion Holder for Slicing

Vegetable Cutter for Onion, Tomato, Lemon and Potato

Crinkle CutterCrinkle Cutter

Crinkle Cutter

Turn regular fries into nice and fun looking crinkle fries!

Watermelon Cutter SlicerWatermelon Cutter Slicer

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Watermelon Cutter Slicer, Fruit Scooper Knife for Dig Pulp Separator

Watermelon Cutter Slicer with Melon Baller Scoop SetWatermelon Cutter Slicer with Melon Baller Scoop Set

Watermelon Cutter Slicer

Watermelon Cutter Slicer with Melon Baller Scoop Set, Fruit Carving Tools

Melon Baller ScoopMelon Baller Scoop

Melon Baller Scoop

5 In 1 Fruit Scooper and Baller, Fruit Cutters, Honeydew Melons Baller Scoop, Fruit Carving Tools Seed Remover

Tomato SlicerTomato Slicer

Tomato Slicer & Lemon Slicer

Multipurpose Round Fruit Slicer, Tomato Holder for Slicing

Ice Cream Scoop SetIce Cream Scoop Set

Ice Cream Scoop Set

Portable Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop with Trigger and Comfortable Handle,Icecream Scoop Spoon Perfect for DIY Ice Cream

【Multifunctional Onion Slicer】 – JAYVAR Onion Holder Slicer features a unique design with 10 stainless steel forks under the handle, ensuring a secure grip and preventing slippage while cutting. It allows for even and precise slicing of onions, tomatoes, lemons, and meats.
【Versatile Kitchen Tool】 – This food slicing helper is not limited to onions; it can be used for various fruits, vegetables, and meats. Its sturdy construction and sharp stitches make it suitable for different cutting tasks.
【Safe and Convenient】 – The onion holder slicer allows you to replace your hands while cutting, providing extra safety and precision. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy for anyone to use.
【 Time-Saving Design】 – Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming slicing. Our stainless steel onion holder is designed with sharp stitches to prevent slippage and ensure even cuts, ensuring greater safety while slicing onions, avocados, eggs, and other vegetables.
【Dishwasher Safe】 – With its smooth surface and high-quality material, the onion holder slicer is easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.


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